Connected Parenting 101: Parenting Workshops in West L.A.

Connected Parenting 101: Tools You Can Use Right Now

6-class series, starts June 11 (UPDATE: We will move the start of this class to the first weekend of July. Please RSVP to reserve your spot)
Cost: $150 for the series. Sliding scale available.

Email us to RSVP and receive directions

The course covers:

  • Intentional parenting: envisioning your child’s future
  • Brain development and age-appropriate behaviors
  • How upbringing influences your parenting
  • Building and maintaining trusting relationships
  • Unconditional parenting
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with anger: choosing the high road
  • Setting limits in a constructive and empowering way

About the Series

We will introduce you to a gentler, easier, more playful and naturally joyful way to relate to your child. The teaching incorporates improv and theater games with plenty of opportunities to practice and  role-play, and you will leave the class excited to try new approaches and tools.

The series is carefully designed to  help you transform your relationship with your children. During the course we will go over the notion of intentional parenting, learn the philosophy and principles of nonviolence, and reflect on our own childhoods. You will learn about the science of brain development and child development, as well as start building emotional literacy. We will practice a new language of connection, understanding, and empathy. In addition, we will take a fresh look at anger and how to set age-appropriate limits.

For more information and to register,  email or call 310.439.8411. . . .